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We understand that single effort is not enough, here at Dorsett Mongkok, Hong Kong, we invite our guests to take the initiatives and make contribution to our green policy, and together we can build Dorsett Mongkok, Hong Kong as a green hotel. Hong Kong has long recognized smoking as a major health issue. In order to ensure our environment is healthy, all indoor areas inside the hotel property is 100% smoke-free.
Being one of the green hotels in Hong Kong, we stand on this ground firmly and hope that we are socially responsible to all our guests as well as to employees. We hope for everyone who spends time during his stay here is healthy and happy.
Being one of the most prosperous consumer industries, our energy consumption can be large. However, we trust that every effort counts, and hence we have implemented a set of very important policies aiming to reduce energy and water consumption in addition to waste and being socially responsible which include:

  • Encourage recycling and linen reuse programs
  • Install energy efficient lighting
  • Provide free shuttle service to eliminates carbon dioxide emission to the environment
  • Work with local hospitality school and organization to provide job opportunity
  • Achieve a 100% smoke-free indoor environment for a healthy stay and happy workplace
  • Promote local attractions and cultural heritage

Throughout the course of the year, we have also applied the below additional policies to put our vision into practice.

  • Provide training opportunity and familiarization program in hotel to the less fortunate teenagers
  • Encourage reuse of cutlery and utensils at restaurants. This was in practiced since August 2012

To guarantee our green policy is on the right track, our sustainability practices are certified by EarthCheck and we have attained EarthCheck Silver Certified status.

To show our commitment in green practice, a sustainability management plan is in place adopting the EarthCheck Company Standards. View the Plan.

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